mcpdisp: A Mackie Control Surface Display Emulator.

When I made midikbd, some software that allows a computer keyboard to act like a Mackie Control Surface, there was one thing missing (well maybe more than one), the 56 by 2 character display that gives a visual reference as to which bank I am controlling. This utility adds that.

I could have added this directly to midikbd, but thought it would be useful to those with other control surfaces such as the BCF2000.

Here is an example of what it looks like: (the screen shot)

Here it is with master enabled (-m). Here the timecode display is in beat/bar mode, in timecode mode the "|" is replaced by ":". Also note new meters...

The timecode display is not that useful really, because Ardour provides the "Big Clock" that already does this. However, I use it for trouble shooting Ardour's timecode output. So the time is optional and when turned off will allow more room to put global LED indicators.

The long skinny form is to allow mcpdisp to be set at the bottom of the screen, under the DAW window without taking too much screen space. In my case with two monitors, I have it under the mixer window allowing the DAW editor window to be full size.

And here are two of them together. (my surfaces are only 5 channels)

The "LEDs" below the display text are Red for record enable, Green for Solo, Yellow for mute and White means this is the Selected channel.

Two or more of these can be used if there are more than one control surface, the second one will appear in jack as mcpdisp-1 and a third mcpdisp-2, etc. However, 0.0.5 uses mcpdisp only when the master is enabled. Otherwise the port name is mcpdisp-ext.

Here is how it is used. This is the connections display in qjackctl looking at the MIDI tab (jack MIDI).

The Ardour Mackie control out port is connected to both the controller (midikbd in this case, but may be a MIDI port for a HW surface) as well as mcpdisp. Except... as of version 0.0.6, mcpdisp has a Midi Thru so mcpdisp's output can be connected to the Surface's input and the DAW only needs to be connected to mcpdisp's input.

On a first time connect, bank up and then down will update the display. The DAW will then remember the connections for next time (at least Ardour does) and if mcpdisp is started before the DAW next time, the DAW will update the display on startup.

0.1.1 has now been released.

Latest git version (git clone to download)

Source download mcpdisp-0.1.1.tar.gz or

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